What is easyAMA?

EasyAMA is a third party application that helps users create Reddit AMAs that adhere to Reddit conventions and rules. "AMA" stands for "Ask Me Anything" and is essentially a question and answer session on Reddit. This application interfaces with Reddit, but has no affiliation with reddit inc.

Why use easyAMA?

EasyAMA solves two basic problems:

  1. The process of creating and submitting a Reddit AMA can be confusing, even for active Reddit users. EasyAMA walks the user step-by-step through submitting an AMA to ensure they are putting forethought into their AMA, taking the necessary actions prior to the AMA, and following Reddit's rules.
  2. It is difficult to plan an AMA ahead of time. EasyAMA allows users to create a preview of their Reddit AMA and share it with others. After the AMA is finalized, it can be submitted to Reddit with a single click on the day of the AMA.

You should NOT use easyAMA if...

  • You do not have a Reddit account or experience with the Reddit interface. Visit our website to learn more about engaging Reddit and spend time on Reddit before attempting to do an AMA.
  • You do not know what a Reddit AMA is or how it works. You can learn about AMA by reading top AMAs and our free AMA guide.
  • You are not able to answer questions for at least 2 hours. Your AMA might not require this much time, but you should be prepared if it does.
  • You do not want to answer difficult or seemingly off-topic questions. "AMA" stands for "Ask Me Anything" and the Reddit community will hold you to that expectation.
  • You have little or no value to offer to the Reddit community. You must have some type of expertise, authority, or unique experience to share with the Reddit community.

Things You Should Know

  • Reddit is a community of people. Respect the community by adhering to their etiquette and rules.
  • The success of a Reddit AMA depends on many factors and is therefore unpredictable. Using easyAMA does not gaurantee any result.
  • EasyAMA was created by GroupSRC. We are an independent consulting firm and we specialize in helping businesses and leaders engage the Reddit platform ethically. We have no affiliation with reddit, inc.

Ready to get started?

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